The 5 Best Designer Plush Toys for Small Dogs

Small dogs have a big personality and love their toys just as much as any other dog. In fact, many small dogs will try to sneak their favorite toy everywhere they go. Furthermore, giving your pup something to play with can help curb destructive behavior. Here are five of the best plush toys for small dogs, whether at home or on the go.


Alt-Text: Wink the blue sock monkey dog toy.


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Top 5 Plush Toys for Small Dogs

Without further ado, here are our personal top 5 favorite designer brand dog toys that are perfect for your pup.

Wink Sock Monkey by Lulubelles Power Plush

The Wink Sock Monkey by Lulubelles is made for those little dogs that are just as destructive as the big guys. This cute sock monkey plush is a bit bigger, but it's also made with a double layer of mesh to help this little monkey hold up against even scrappy pups.

Wink is made with non-toxic dyes and meets children's toy standards to ensure your pup is safe. Oh, and did we mention that it's machine washable? The only downside to this plush toy is that it does have a squeaker, but let's face it, we know your dog loves it.

Order Wink today.

LickCroix Pamplemutt Barkling Water Plush Toy

Who doesn't like a nice cold refreshing sparkling water? This cute plush mock of a popular water beverage is the perfect addition to your dog's toy box. Zero calories, but all the fun. This plush comes in two different sizes, making it ideal for toy breeds and other small dogs that just can't quite handle larger toys.

Snag a can for your pup today.

Chewy Vuiton Dog Bones

This brand-name bone is the peak of style and fun. Inspired by the luxury fashion brand, this pup-version offers quality, style, and fun for your dog. With three different sizes, it's perfect for small breed dogs. And its "brand" name will make your dog the talk of the town if they sneak it off with them to the dog park.


Alt-Text: Chewy Vuiton brand style plush bone toy.


This soft plush is fun for the posh pup in your life and a surprise squeaker to ensure that all eyes are on them.

Shop Chewy Vuiton plush bones.

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Barkweiser Beer Plush Dog Toy

Not every dog is into glitz and glamor. Some pups just enjoy a day outside or a trip to the dog park to see all their buds. The Barkweiser plush dog toy is a perfect, laughable addition to your dog's favorite toys.

While the Barkweiser toy is a bit on the larger size, it's still small enough for toy breeds to enjoy. Maybe not perfect for a mini or teacup pup, but the beer-bottle shape easily allows all dogs to enjoy this soft toy.

Grab a 6-pack today and be the bark of the dog park.


Alt-Text: White Paw branded dog toys.


White Paw

Who doesn't love a refreshing adult beverage from time to time? Your dog is sure to love this pup-approved version of the popular drink. Fun flavors like Bark Cherry and Waggermelon make it hard to resist these fun plush toys.

This soft plush comes with a squeaker and is a bit larger at seven inches, but that adds more fun. A plush can of White Paw is the perfect toy for your dog to take out and about.

Grab a can today.


Small dogs need toys, too! And these five designer plush toys are perfect for your pup. From the Wink Sock Monkey to the LickCroix Pamplemutt Barkling Water Plush Toy, these soft and cuddly toys will keep your dog entertained for hours on end. So don't wait any longer-order your favorite today.

What's your dog's favorite toy? Comment below and let us know! Also, check out The Tail Wags for more designer pet toys, fashion, and more.