Winter Safety for Dogs - How to Keep Your Dog Safe this Winter

Winter Safety for Dogs - How to Keep Your Dog Safe this Winter

You might think that your dog's natural coat is all they need for the winter. But in actuality, there are some ways to ensure your dog is safe when the weather gets cold. This winter can be harsh on both humans and animals alike, but there are ways to protect our furry friends.

Knowing how to keep your pup safe, warm, and dry can help both of you enjoy these winter months. 

A dog in a sweater playing outside in the snow.
Alt-Text: A dog in a sweater playing outside in the snow.


Keep Your Dog Warm 

Nothing beats being warm inside with your best furry friend on a snowy winter day. Always make sure your dog has a warm place to snuggle up. A cozy, dry bed is perfect, and just make sure you keep it away from drafty areas in the house.

You might even consider getting your dog a coat or sweater. If you have a short-haired breed, this can be even more fun with all of the exciting designs on the market. 

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Also, be sure to keep your dog's fur coat long and well brushed. Furthermore, keep them inside when there are extreme temperatures or weather-related conditions. Always check under your vehicle before starting it to keep strays safe. And keep your dog close to you in hazardous conditions.  

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Inside Dogs Enjoying the Outdoors

Some dogs love the cold weather, and breeds like huskies or Akita's are more likely to protest when it's time to come inside. However, all domesticated animals are at risk during times of bad weather. Of course, there's always time to play, but it's best to limit their time outside and always dry them completely when they come in from outside. 

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Don't forget to pause for paws? Always be aware of environmental hazards that are common during the winter. Be alert near large snowdrifts, and never let your dog go too far out of your sight

Furthermore, if your dog is usually an outside dog, be sure to bring them inside for the winter. They might be mad for a while, but it can prevent dangerous conditions like frostbite. They will forgive you when spring rolls around again.

A Husky playing in the snow. 

Alt-Text: A Husky playing in the snow.


Keeping Feet and Walkways Safe

Walking in a winter wonderland can be great for you and your pup to get some exercise. All the freshly fallen snow and glistening ice can be pretty, but those things can put your dog's sensitive feet at risk of damage and frostbite. Not only can the harsh elements become a nuisance to their paws, but sidewalk salt chemicals can actually burn and cause dryness to their pads. And if your dog consumes these ice melt chemicals, it can be even more dangerous. 

The good news is there are many products on the market, from stylish boots to protective balms that can help keep your dog's feet safe in the cold weather. With the help of several veterinarians, they have developed pet-safe ice melting salts for around your house. 

Pro Tip to Keeping Your Dog Safe: Always remember to wipe your dog's paws clean every time they come inside. 

Staying Safe During Walks

Many people enjoy taking regular walks with their dogs, but you might run across some dangerous conditions during winter. While we all want to do everything in our power for pet safety, some dangers aren't so well known. 

When you are walking your dog during winter, keep them close by to protect them from potential harm. Antifreeze is more common in the winter and can taste sweet, but it is incredibly toxic

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Furthermore, don't leave dogs locked inside cars or outside without adequate shelter against cold weather conditions. Even for a short time can cause your dog harm. 

Two dogs in sweaters in front of winter decorations
Alt-Text: Two dogs in sweaters in front of winter decorations.



No matter how you and your dog do winter together, it's always crucial for both of you to stay warm and dry. Know your dog, and keep them close. Don't forget to wipe their paws and keep your feet and walkways safe. Being mindful can help protect your dog from any hazardous you come across. 

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