While you understand the importance of collars and leashes, remember they can be a statement accessory as well! Why not have a complete wardrobe of collars? Some are celebratory like our Christmas collars while others are plain cute or simple. Start a collection for your favorite furry friends today and check out all the holiday options The Tail Wags offers!

25 products found in Christmas Collars & Leashes

Christmas Symbols Dog Collar
  • $21.99

Sold out

Peppermint Striped Print Dog Collar with Silver Metal Buckles
  • From $35.00
Candy Cane Striped Dog Collar with Silver Metal Buckles
  • $30.00
Whimsical Multi-color Collar Silver Metal Buckles
  • From $30.00
Tartan Red Collar With Gold Buckle
  • From $26.00
Santas Loot Dog Collar with Gold Buckle
  • From $30.00
Red Velvet Dog Collar with Gold Metal Buckles & Flower Accent
  • From $28.00
Green Velvet Collar with Gold Metal Buckles & Flower Accent
  • From $28.00
Poinsettia and Holly Christmas Collar
  • From $35.00
Furberry Tan Plaid Dog Collar with Optional Matching Leash
  • From $45.00
Fancy-Schmancy Black and White Tapestry Print Nylon Ribbon Collar & Optional Leash
  • From $15.00

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Extra Wide Snowflake Dog Collar
  • $35.00
Extra Wide Pinwheel Collar with Martingale Closure
  • $30.00
Classic Gingham Dog Collar in Black and White
  • From $40.00
Red and Black Buffalo Check Dog Collar
  • From $25.00
Leather Dog Collar - Blue Grey
  • From $16.99
6 ft. Dog Leash - Blue Grey
  • $33.99
Leather Dog Collar with Metal Buckle - Brown
  • From $13.99