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Animal War Heroes That You Need to Know About

Dogs are amazing creatures that have been companions to humans for centuries. They are loyal, loving, and always happy to see their owners come home. Dogs provide us with unconditional love and happiness, and we, in turn, provide them with food, shelter, and medical care when needed. In return, dogs give us their absolute devotion and friendship.

However, for some canines, it didn't stop there. Here are some incredible dogs that served in the military.

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A police dog working scent detection.

Alt-Text: A police dog working scent detection.

4 Cool Dogs

While dogs have been serving beside mankind since the beginning, these next few heroes leashed themselves up and rallied to defend our troops. 

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Sergeant Stubby - The Most Decorated War Dog of WWI

Sergeant Stubby is the only military dog to be nominated for rank and then promoted to sergeant through combat.

Over 18 months, Stubby took part in four offensives and 17 fights on the Western Front. Stubby recovered from several injuries to assist his allies, avoid threats, discover missing soldiers, and warn his buddies about incoming artillery shells by whining.

He was one incredible dog. Furthermore, Stubby also had a specially designed gas mask. Some soldiers even told stories about Stubby capturing a German soldier by refusing to let go of his pants until backup arrived.

Gander – The Canadian "Black Beast"

The U.S.A. has quite a few canine heroes, but Gander was an impressive hero to the north. This massive Newfoundland quickly became a regimental mascot. However, he was soon shipped out to Hong Kong in 1941 to defend troops against Japan. Rumor has it that those Japanese soldiers would call him the "Black Beast" because it was nay impossible to see the black fur of the Newfoundland at night.

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Lucca – A Veteran with over 400 Missions

Lucca is a one-of-a-kind hero, and she was particularly trained to detect bombs. While being a bomb-dog isn't all that impressive, Lucca not only ran more than 400 missions, but she never lost a single life while she was on duty.

Despite all of those impressive numbers, Lucca happily retired after an injury caused her to lose a leg. She made a full recovery and is still considered a great hero today.

Kurt and The Dobermans of World War II

Okay, so this is more than one dog, but this particular breed always seems to get a bad rap. However, during WWII, Doberman Pinschers held their own and became war heroes.

Nicknamed "Devil Dogs," these loyal dogs fought side by side in the foxholes with their men. At night the dogs would alert ambushes and would even attack enemy soldiers. Saving lives. In fact, while the enemy lost over 300 men, the handlers only lost one.

Furthermore, Kurt, the inspiration to the "Always Faithful" memorial, was the first canine casualty. While Kurt was wounded, his handler stayed by his side until Kurt passed from his injuries. Overall a canine hero.

Always Faithful war dog memorial.

Alt-Text: Always Faithful war dog memorial. (source)

Other Honorable Animal Heroes

While dogs are perhaps the most well-known animal to serve in the military, they weren't the only ones. Here are some other animals that served in war.

Tuffy the Dolphin

In the '60s, the U.S. Navy began using marine mammals to help support the open ocean military. While a few animals gave it their best shot, the program did work well overall. Tuffy is the exception.

Tuffy beat the odds and completed the first successful open ocean exercises. Furthermore, he went on to help guide lost divers and bring mail and equipment to military personnel.

Two dolphins swimming in the ocean.

Alt-Text: Two dolphins swimming in the ocean.

Simon the Cat

Simon, the cat, served his time on a British Navel vessel. And despite being hit with scrap metal, this tough cat recovered and went on catching rats that were trying to eat the food rations.

Cher Ami - The Pigeon Who Flew

So you might be wondering what a pigeon might be doing on this list. However, this bird is one for the history books. During WWI, the U.S. Army was struggling to send out a message. Many birds were sent, and all of them were shot down. Cher Ami took a bullet to the chest and lost a leg. However, that didn't stop this bird. After taking to the air, Cher Ami saved almost 200 men by delivering the message despite their injuries.


War animals have a long and impressive history of service. From Kurt the Doberman to Tuffy the Dolphin, these animals have risked their lives for their human companions. They are truly heroes in every sense of the word and should be recognized. We want to salute all of the war animals who have served selflessly.

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